Physiotherapy – An Important Part Of The Healing Process

Physiotherapy, also called occupational therapy, is one of today’s most promising health careers. This field combines the expertise of doctors and medical staff with that of people specially trained to assist individuals affected by diseases or injuries that interfere with movement or affect the ability to function normally in their daily lives. Physiotherapists provide physical therapy throughout a patient’s recovery process, from diagnosis to rehabilitation and up to the final day. By clicking we get more information about the I found it on this website

Physical therapy includes a variety of treatment techniques such as massage, manual lymph drainage, exercise, and decompression. Physiotherapists also can perform manual therapy in the form of soft tissue manipulation or ultrasound. A physiotherapist uses specific techniques to rehabilitate injured muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Manual therapies include massage to reduce pain and prevent further injury; ultrasound is used to stimulate and improve blood flow; and decompression techniques are used to relieve pain and improve flexibility. The physical therapist will determine the best course of intervention for each patient according to his or her individual needs.

During physical therapy, patients are encouraged to perform a range of exercises designed to build strength, speed, balance, and endurance. These exercises are performed under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. For instance, a patient suffering from tennis elbow may be encouraged to perform stretching exercises to strengthen his or her arm and to stretch the muscles surrounding the elbow. In addition to the manual therapy exercises, patients are advised to take a good diet, avoid repetitive movements, and keep the body well-hydrated to help the healing process.