How Employees Can Stay Connected Post Pandemic?-At A Look

With so much information overwhelming corporate culture, businesses are always looking for innovative ways to communicate with their employees through corporate communications. After all, as more individuals utilise Blackberries and Web conferencing to disseminate information and transmit messages to their colleagues, email has become a pretty antiquated method of communication. There are a variety of new and inventive ways to communicate with your staff. There are two excellent methods:Do you want to learn more? Visit

Instant messaging: These days, almost every Web browser has an instant messaging capability, which can be a faster way to communicate than even email. Because the instant message alert appears on the screen whenever a message is received, it can be a rapid way to connect with colleagues both in the office and remotely. However, be aware that your employees may utilise this feature to talk about personal concerns while they should be working.

Snap Comm tools: One of the more unusual means of employer-employee communication on the market today, Snap Comm tools have six separate characteristics that allow employers to communicate with their employees without sending a plethora of individual messages. The six Snap Comm channels, for example, include:

Snap Poll: Want to know how your staff feel about a variety of topics? Allow them to take this brief and simple on-screen quiz, which has a higher response rate due to its simplicity.

Snap Ticker: These scrolling tickers, similar to those seen on CNN, can provide essential updates and distribute important company information to your staff at the touch of a button.

Snap Quiz: On-screen quiz tools can assist you figure out where your staff are falling short on business rules. There is an automated scoring option that makes getting all of the results much easier.

Snap Mag: This electronic version of your corporate newsletter will help reduce the number of group emails you have to send to almost nothing.

Snap Alert: These desktop alerts appear on the screen as soon as you deliver information to your staff that must be received IMMEDIATELY! This is the most effective technique to ensure that your communications take precedence over all other virtual distractions on your employee’s PC.

Snap Shots: These screensavers serve as billboards, broadcasting your message and reinforcing it every time your employee is compelled to watch it. This is a fantastic method to convey some key company concepts.

The cornerstone to good management and communication between companies and their employees is effective employee communication. Both of these approaches will ensure that you stay current with technological advancements that will enable you to connect more readily with your staff and continue to strive for professional excellence and communication in your workplace.